Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah
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Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah Concrete Construction & Repair New Foundation & Repair Local Wisconsin Concrete Work
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Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah
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Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah
Decorative Concrete Services
Decorative Concrete
Beautiful, colored, and textured concrete. Decorative Concrete includes Colored and Stamped Concrete, Acid Stained Concrete, Concrete Overlays, Polished Concrete and Brick Paver Inlays. These finishes can be applied to Concrete Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Smooth Interior Floors like Concrete Basement Floors & Commercial Floors, and some Concrete Walls. Decorative Patios, including Stamped Patios & Stenciled Concrete Patios are a customer favorite.
Traditional Gray Exterior Flatwork
Exterior Flatwork refers to any concrete that is "flat" on the ground, outside, unprotected from the weather. This would include Concrete Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Commercial Parking Lots, Sport Courts, Concrete Barnyards, or other outside concrete flatwork. A new concrete driveway, concrete patio, or concrete driveway replacement are some of the most popular requests.
Traditional Gray Exterior Flatwork
Traditional Gray Interior Flatwork
Traditional Gray Interior Flatwork
Interior Flatwork would include projects such as a Detached Concrete Garage Slab, Garage Floor inside of a concrete poured wall, Concrete Basement Floor, airplane hangar slab, or any Commercial Floor or Slab that will be covered by a building, and protected from Wisconsin's weather. Free standing Curbed, or Grade Beam Garage Slabs ,for a detached garage, or a garage floor replacement, are probably the most called for Interior Flatwork.
Garage Slabs & Floors / Garage Building
Concrete Garage Slabs, Shed Slabs, Airplane Hangar Concrete Slabs & Floors, and the Buildings that go on them. Many professional concrete contractors also do construction including garages. Instead of hiring two or three different contractors to pour the concrete slab and build the garage, you can use one. Often there can be significant cost savings by having the entire job handled by one company.
Garage Concrete Slabs & Floors / Garage Building
Poured Concrete Walls & Footings/Foundation Packages
Poured Walls & Footings/Foundation Packages
Poured Concrete Walls and Footings includes Concrete Basement Walls, 4' Frost Walls, Addition Foundations, and Concrete Foundation Walls for any Commercial Poured Concrete Wall application. Complete Foundation Packages include services like, Foundation Excavation, Concrete Footing, Poured Concrete Wall, with the insulation, tar, tile, and stone installed. The Foundation Walls will be backfilled, and Concrete Basement Floor, Garage Floor, and Porches poured. "One Stop Shopping."
ICF Homes / ICF Buildings / ICF Foundations
Insulated Concrete Form or" ICF" concrete walls are a growing trend due to benefits including more Energy Efficient, Stronger, more Quiet structures than wood or block. An ICF Home can be designed and built to look like any other home. The only real difference is that the exterior walls are about 12" thick compared to 6" on a wood framed home. ICF Homes are more solid, quiet, energy efficient, and durable than a wood framed home
ICF Homes / ICF Buildings / ICF Foundations

"Building our new home ourselves was a challenge, but one call to WCS and we found a concrete contractor that did all the concrete including the foundation footings & walls, the garage and basement floors, and install a new concrete driveway, decorative patio, and sidewalk. Easy! Thank You Wisconsin Concrete Service!" Robert - Oshkosh, WI

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Custom Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural Concrete Construction & Repair
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Exterior concrete flatwork would include installation of outdoor concrete construction projects including a new concrete driveway or apron, concrete patio, sidewalk, walkway, hot tub patio, garden patio, concrete deck, barnyard, concrete parking lot area, industrial concrete slab, or any outdoor reinforced concrete slab / slabs unprotected from the weather. Most Wisconsin residential concrete companies are equipped to demolish and remove concrete driveways, aprons, patios or similar concrete work, or remove asphalt /blacktop. If you find and hire a concrete company to replace concrete that can include the concrete removal, or asphalt removal with the new concrete work, the cost of the concrete patio / driveway replacement will most likely be less than if you hire a concrete demolition company to have the concrete removed, and then another concrete contractor to pour the new concrete work.(Pour concrete driveway, pour concrete patio, or install concrete sidewalk, etc) Concrete driveway replacement, & concrete patio replacement are by far the most requested examples of outdoor concrete formwork.

Interior concrete flooring includes new concrete floor & slab projects, including; concrete floors, concrete garage floors, detached concrete garage slab foundation, basement floor, airplane hangar slab / aircraft hangar floor, industrial concrete floor, commercial concrete floor, agricultural concrete floors, house foundation slab, and other indoor concrete floors or concrete slabs. As referred to with exterior concrete, the interior concrete companies that Wisconsin Concrete Service refers will, most often, be able to do complete concrete replacement services; both remove concrete floors/slabs, and replace with a new concrete floor or slab. Complete concrete garage floor/slab replacement is a very popular request.

Custom poured concrete wall foundation contractors install concrete footings, poured concrete basement walls, foundation walls, 4' frost walls; 5', 6', 8', 9', 10, 12' and taller concrete walls, crawl space addition foundation walls, or a commercial concrete wall, along with waterproofing basement walls, insulating, tar/plastic, tile, and stone. A poured concrete house foundation wall or poured concrete building foundation wall, are the bulk of any Wisconsin concrete foundation contractors workload. As discussed below, there are quite a few poured concrete basement wall contractors that can do poured walls, and also install concrete flatwork, including the basement floor, garage floor, driveway and sidewalk. The building foundation wall must be done correctly, and to proper dimension, as the new house or building relies on the new foundation for stability.

If you need a poured concrete wall foundation for a new home, or for an home addition foundation, many concrete flatwork and concrete foundation wall contractors do complete foundation construction including both poured concrete walls and concrete slabs & floors. Some can provide all excavation & concrete installation in a foundation package. Residential, commercial, and industrial concrete construction. Foundation construction packages which would include things like, building / home foundation excavation, pour concrete foundation footing, reinforced concrete wall (either form poured concrete walls or ICF (insulated concrete form) walls). Once the concrete basement walls are hardened, they can install waterproofing, necessary insulation (if not ICF Foundation), along with drain tile and drain stone. Once this is all inspected, basement / building poured wall can be backfilled, concrete basement floor can be poured, and concrete garage floor installed, along with concrete porch. At some later date, the same flatwork / foundation company could install concrete driveway, sidewalk and pour concrete patio. Some of these contractors would be able to do decorative concrete work, like decorative stamped patio/walks(concrete stamped to resemble stone, brick, or slate), brick paver edged concrete, or just colored) "One Stop Shopping!" Let WCS help you find a foundation contractor in Wisconsin for your complete foundation package.

Commercial concrete floor poured inside of concrete walls, like a warehouse floor with foundation, or a large concrete slab with grade beam perimeter, like a storage unit complex. Maybe you need to remove concrete that has failed, and replace a concrete floor with a new stronger one. We can refer Wisconsin concrete floor and slab specialists, qualified to take on any commercial or industrial concrete slab / floor or commercial poured concrete wall foundation project.

Decorative stamped concrete is the most common form of textured, imprinted, faux concrete finish. Concrete stamped to resemble stone, brick, or slate, or even wood plank, in an almost unlimited assortment of colors. It is called stamped concrete because the way you imprint the surface is by using heavy rubber concrete stamp mats that have the imprinting surface on them, and "stamping" them onto the wet concrete surface. Concrete stamped this way can be done either on new custom concrete, or into a new concrete overlay / concrete resurfacing. A decorative stamped concrete patio or stamped concrete sidewalk, stamped walkway, or a stamped driveway are the most common applications. Find a quality decorative stamped concrete contractor company with Wisconsin Concrete Service.

ICF means Insulated Concrete Forms. ICF concrete home, ICF concrete building, ICF home foundation, and ICF concrete construction is becoming a popular form of concrete construction, with good reason. ICF homes & ICF concrete buildings are very solid, energy efficient, soundproof, and fire resistant. With today's innovative energy efficient home design, & ICF concrete home building systems, concrete home builders can build a beautiful ICF concrete house in any style, with all the added benefits of energy efficiency, safety, and peace and quiet. A commercial ICF concrete building will be stronger and a much more energy efficient building than an insulated block building. ICF construction is simply a better way to build a better home, commercial building or building foundation. Beautiful ICF concrete homes, and buildings, built to last. That's the beauty of today's concrete! WCS refers ICF contractors & ICF builders to help with your ICF plans, and build your ICF home, ICF concrete building, ICF foundation, or other ICF project. Contact us for up to 3 Free bids from WCS Approved Wisconsin concrete home builders on your ICF, energy efficient home plans.

Wisconsin Concrete Service refers contractors for concrete related work. As a garage building or shed building generally needs a concrete slab or concrete poured wall to build on, and some concrete contractors also do garage construction, or are connected to a construction contractor that does garage & shed construction, we can often refer a concrete company to handle your complete garage building project. From a free standing grade beam detached garage slab foundation, to attached garage floors poured inside poured home foundation walls, we refer quality concrete companies to help you. Curbed custom garage foundation slab, or flat garage floor / shed floor / concrete floor, custom built to your specifications. Small garage or large RV garage(a 24x24 garage is the most popular 2 car detached garage), WCS can also help you with your new garage by connecting you with a concrete contractor / garage builder that can install the garage floor, and can also do the new garage building (garage packages). The complete garage price will generally be less than hiring a concrete contractor to pour garage slab, and a building contractor to do the garage building. A new concrete drive and/or concrete sidewalk can be combined with the new garage slab and custom garage construction.

Wisconsin Concrete Service refers concrete removal companies able to remove concrete & remove asphalt, along with concrete breaking, concrete demolition, and custom concrete replacement. Most often, a flatwork concrete contractor is equipped to remove concrete/remove asphalt for most residential applications. A residential concrete driveway or concrete patio generally requires basic concrete removing equipment like a skid steer loader and dump truck to remove concrete from site. Removing asphalt is generally easier than concrete removal. Some commercial concrete or industrial concrete removal jobs will require bigger equipment including reinforced concrete breaking equipment and heavy equipment. WCS can connect you with the right Wisconsin concrete removal contractor for your project.

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Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah
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Wisconsin Concrete Services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkoah and Neenah
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